Dear Partners,

We would like to start by saying thank you for your interest in Sponsoring a Child.  This is the first step toward making a difference in a child’s life that will change their future.  KanpeHaiti was created to assist Haiti in many facets, and one of them is helping the children.  We cannot move forward without people like you having a heart for these children and taking action.

In Haiti there is no public (free) education; therefore, many children will never attend school.  Many of the children spend their days helping their families by cleaning, cooking, getting water from the stream or working the land.  The first time that I experienced this was in 1999.  It broke my heart to see that these children do not have what we would call a “childhood.”  In other words, Haiti’s kids do not have the opportunity to just be a kid and enjoy their youth with no responsibilities.  I knew at that point that KanpeHaiti would assist these children and give them a future other than what they see on a day to day basis.

Through sponsorship we strive to help children overcome the obstacles of poverty in order to become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of society.  Our goal is to partner a child with a sponsor to meet the needs of that child with tools and opportunities necessary for success.  This begins with education.  Sponsorship is committing to a year of education for a child with the hopes that you will be able to sponsor that child until graduation.

We have compiled a list of children that were interviewed and recommended by the community.  The child that you will be paired up with is based on what we would call an “at risk child.”  These children are high risk with limited or no educational opportunities.

Once you have chosen to sponsor a child we will provide you with a picture of a child and their information.  You will have several options on how to keep track of your child and their growth through the following:

1)  Writing letters
2)  Sending pictures
3)  Going to Haiti and visiting them (month of July)
4)  Receiving status reports on their growth


            The cost to sponsor a child for the year is $500.00.  The sponsorship includes the following:

1)  School tuition for the year
2)  School uniform
3)  School supplies
4)  Transportation to school
5)  Tutoring 2 times a week at our education facility

To sponsor a child you will need to complete the form below.  Thank you again for your interest and heart for the children of Haiti.

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With Kindest Regards and a Grateful Heart,

Jean Rebecca
President and Founder

            “Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

By James Barrie